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GrabzIt की भविष्य की कीमतें

28 जून 2020

I think you will agree if you check out our social media pages we have been adding a lot of features to our services. Loads in fact from DOCX को HTML, करने के लिए web archiving in our screenshot tool, to better speed, reliability and customization options.

हालाँकि, कुछ सावधानीपूर्वक विश्लेषण के बाद, यह हमारे ध्यान में आया है कि हम अपने बड़े पैकेजों पर जो रियायती कीमतें देते हैं, वह टिकाऊ नहीं हैं। मुख्यतः सर्वर लागत के संदर्भ में। उदाहरण के लिए, एक एंटरप्राइज़ पैकेज को एंट्री पैकेज की तुलना में 100 गुना अधिक कैप्चर मिलता है लेकिन यह केवल 9 गुना अधिक महंगा है!

Before we start if you have an existing subscription your costs won't go up. This is why we wanted to contact you, our loyal customers to give you a chance to lock-in our current prices and to explain our thinking.

We have double checked, and triple checked with our competitors and even after this price rise we will still be the cheapest by far!

The new prices for our packages will be as follows:

  • Entry: $6.99 US ($1 increase)
  • Professional: $19.99 US ($5 increase)
  • Business: $49.99 US ($20 increase)
  • Enterprise: $94.99 US ($40 increase)

These price increases are due to take effect from the 6th of July and should give GrabzIt a more sustainable future.

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