वेब पर कब्जा और परिवर्तित करने के लिए उपकरण

3.2 संस्करण में आने वाले बहुत से नए फीचर्स

23 जून 2017

जैसा कि आप जानते होंगे कि हमने कुछ हफ्ते पहले एक सर्वेक्षण भेजा था, जिसमें पूछा गया था कि क्या आप अमेज़ॅन एस3 पर कैप्चर को स्वचालित रूप से अपलोड करने की क्षमता चाहते हैं, प्रतिक्रियाएँ बहुत अधिक आईं, जैसा कि आप करते हैं!

So that is what we have done all of our client libraries will soon support automatically uploading captures to Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP and WebDav. To do this you will need to create a निर्यात URL that can then be passed to our API.

लेकिन हमने इस पर काम करते समय कुछ और सुविधाएँ जोड़ने का निर्णय लिया!

पहली क्षमता है capture single HTML elements in PDF in the same way as is currently available when converting webpages to images.

The next new feature is that you can now make a capture wait for a HTML element to become visible using the new waitfor parameter. This should be the ideal solution for webpages that use Ajax to display content.

To increase the security of your captures we have now also added the ability to force the usage of SSL connections when making requests to GrabzIt’s API.

Finally, we have added Singapore as a new location for our capture services. This should further speed up captures of Business and Enterprise users who are using भू-लक्ष्यीकरण as well as providing developers with a new location to take screenshots from. Just pass “SG” to the country parameter to try it out.

When can you get your hands on all this goodness? Well now using the जावास्क्रिप्ट एपीआई, we will be rolling out the changes to our other API’s over the coming weeks. If you have a request for a particular programming language, tell us and we will prioritize updating that client API first.

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