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Changing the DOCX result in JavaScript

वेब पेजों या HTML को कैप्चर करने या परिवर्तित करने के तरीके पर प्रश्न पूछें into चित्र, CSV, PDF या DOCX दस्तावेज़ और साथ ही वीडियो कैसे परिवर्तित करें intओ एनिमेटेड GIF हमारे एपीआई का उपयोग कर रहा है।


I am using the JavaScript code to export html into the Docx.

is there any way that i can manipulate the response before downloading or i could get the file in response so i could manipulate it as per my need then download.

GrabzIt("Application Key").ConvertHTML(data ,{"onfinish": function(response){
"format": "docx"}).Create();

As here is a onfinish event but here i get only id not any response file response

if we have something like this will be helped.

Asked by GrabzIt Support on the 25th of June 2019

You can get the response by using the डेटाउरी विधि, which returns the response in a base64 encoded format.

However as the DOCX format is essentaially a ZIP file made up of a number of XML files covering things like content, styles etc. You may be better off using a server side language if you want to try and manipulate it.

GrabzIt सपोर्ट द्वारा 25 जून 2019 को उत्तर दिया गया


After using the DataUri callback method i got the below response, but is there any way to convert it into the file format so i could download it after manipulation






GrabzIt सपोर्ट द्वारा 25 जून 2019 को उत्तर दिया गया

Remember you are trying to do this in JavaScript so this severley limits what you can do if you are not willing to use a server-side programming language.

आपके पास दो विकल्प:

The first option is to put the Data URI in a HTML link and add a download attribute. When someone clicks on the link it will download.

Otherwise you can upload this Data URI to a server-side programming language. Manipulate it there then re-download it from by calling a creating a new web service for the purpose and calling it from the client side.

GrabzIt सपोर्ट द्वारा 25 जून 2019 को उत्तर दिया गया

Thanks for your replying.

Actually, i just want to keep the dlownloaded file into some folder, which will create on fly once i get the response by DataUri call back method 



चरंजीत सिंह


Answered by Charanjit Singh on the 25th of June 2019