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Users click the Screenshot button again in a short time.

वेब पेजों या HTML को कैप्चर करने या परिवर्तित करने के तरीके पर प्रश्न पूछें into चित्र, CSV, PDF या DOCX दस्तावेज़ और साथ ही वीडियो कैसे परिवर्तित करें intओ एनिमेटेड GIF हमारे एपीआई का उपयोग कर रहा है।

Hi, Dear.
We are testing with api.
It's going very well.
मेरा एक सवाल है।
Users click the Screenshot button again in a short time.
What are the quick ways to get it from the cash?
I think this is how your homepage works.


देश: कोरिया
php, URLToImage

First: 15 seconds,  After: 8 seconds...


25 नवंबर 2020 को अज्ञात द्वारा पूछा गया

The server-side API's such as PHP are designed to create new captures. The JavaScript API will use a cache as its designed to work within many browser instances.

When a user creates a screenshot you could get the ID of the screenshot from the Save method along with the URL they are requesting and then if a user requests a screenshot within that time frame give them the one you have saved to your file system instead of creating s new one.

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